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Wireless Video System

Wireless Video - IMT Integrated Mining TechnologiesIMT’s Portable Video Remote Control Wireless System gives the operator clear video pictures of the work zone even when they are not in visual contact with the equipment. The IMT-PVS provides up to 1,000 feet (304.8 metres) of undisturbed and accurate video for safe control with dual LCD screens.

The IMT Video Monitoring System gives the operator clear video pictures of critical areas around the equipment which are not in direct line of sight. Enclosed in its own rugged, watertight case, power for both the cameras and monitors is provided through a single cable attached to the vehicle’s 12/24 volt DC power supply.

Portable, rugged, lightweight and compact components make the IMT-PVS ideal for tight locations and the harshest environments. Used in mining (for LHDs, bolters, scoop trams), chemical processing, law enforcement, surveillance, military, bomb disposal, and similar applications where direct line of sight is neither feasible nor safe.

Portable – Easily installed – Plug and Go.
Transmitter Frequency – 400 MHz – 900 MHz


  • Two high resolution, full color LCD monitors that pivot
  • 7.5 inch/18 cm (diagonal) screens
  • Up to 1,000 feet (304.8 metres) of uninterrupted video, shock resistant
  • 48 hours of production time before re-charging
  • Plugs into 120 AC


  • Front & rear view at all times – no manual switching views
  • Increased production time
  • Reliability
  • Easy to use – IMT PVS not tied into vehicle circuitry
  • Adjustable pivot screen
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