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Underground Mine Tracking

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Underground Mine Tracking - IMT Integrated Mining Technologies Inc.Improve workflow processes and time lost searching for equipment.

Improve safety by knowing the zone location of your workers underground.

IMT design & installs tracking networks using Ekahau tracking- a positioning system that allows you to locate personnel and equipment in real-time.

IMT Integrated Mining Technology’s real time location system (RTLS) is the only Wi-Fi-based location tracking solution that can operate over any brand or generation of Wi-Fi network while offering high-level accuracy.

As a Wi-Fi standards-based software solution, IMT’s RTLS requires no readers, new cabling, choke-points or exciters. The system uses patented software-based algorithms to compute the location of tracked objects and can easily scale to support tens of thousands of tags on a single server.

With IMT, your RTLS solution can be up and running in a matter of days or a few weeks, not months.
Our end-user software application, enables full asset and process visibility by turning location of assets into valuable information. It delivers the data required to streamline business processes and optimize asset utilization.

This web browser-based application provides access to the critical RTLS data even from remote locations.

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  • IMT RTLS works with ANY Wi-Fi network brand
  • NO need for other RF infrastructure or readers
  • RTLS applications written to Ekahau API support 100% of the Wi-Fi market
  • Supports over-IP remote locations enterprise-wide
  • Requires only software and tags
  • Easy to see performance analysis prior to deployment
  • Non-disruptive: no additional infrastructure needed
  • Patented high-precision RTLS algorithms
  • Room accuracy with an existing VoIP grade Wi-Fi network
  • Sub-room accuracy with Location Beacons
  • Reliable and accurate as-is – using only software and Wi-Fi tags
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I have found IMT to be extremely reliable and very good for following Vale Inco’s Q/A Radio program and servicing our needs over the past few years with regards to wireless technologies.

Derek Green,
VALE Tracking – Sudbury, ON