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Vehicle Monitoring & Diagnostics

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Wireless Vehicle Monitoring & Diagnostic System
Plug & Go – Data in Real-Time

Wireless Vehicle Monitoring and Diagnostics - IMT Integrated Mining TechnologiesUsing IMT’s Wireless Vehicle Monitoring & Diagnostic System- WVMDS allows you to dramatically reduce the risk of mine vehicle breakdowns and unanticipated disruptions . IMT’s WVMDS advanced technology platform let’s you integrate engine diagnostics information and, transferring engine fault codes and other vehicle performance metrics to the desktop of maintenance personnel in real time.

The Benefits:

  • Click to Download IMT Brochure - 1.4mbPreventive maintenance becomes part of the organization’s standard operating procedures.
  • Potential failures can be diagnosed before they happen
  • Mine breakdowns and associated costs can be significantly reduced.
  • Furthermore, many customers have now moved to use-based maintenance scheduling, to further reduce costs while improving the performance of their fleets.

This flexible WVMDS collects vehicle and engine operating data via connection to the vehicle’s Electronic Control Module (ECM). Raw data is then processed by the IMT vehicle monitoring software to produce detailed vehicle diagnostics reports.

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