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Wireless Vehicle & Production Monitoring

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Wireless Vehicle & Production Monitoring

Wireless Vehicle and Production Monitoring - IMT Integrated Mining TechnologiesThe Wireless Vehicle Monitoring & Diagnostics system is an enabling technology that simplifies data transfer to and from equipment. It offers wireless Plug & Go vehicle monitoring and control systems that can allow on-board payload tonnage, payload location and engine diagnostics to be seamlessly transferred in real-time to enterprise or ERP systems through wireless Ethernet communication.

The Wireless Vehicle Monitoring & Diagnostic System is actually a data logger, CPU and wireless bridge in a single unit, and forms the heart of the on-board WVMD system

Combined with IMT’s vehicle tagging system, utilizing the same digital infrastructure, IMT’s WVMD system becomes an even more powerful management and productivity solution.

IMT’s WVMD solution provides real time diagnostic data that enables predictive maintenance to be performed and real time, accurate production monitoring and management to occur.

Real-Time Data = Enhanced Decision Making

Real Time Information fed to appropriate management systems enable end users to automate operational decision making. An automated decision making process can be faster and more accurate when compared to relying on human data input and/or decision making that is open to a human error and subjectiveness.

Real-time monitoring of underground equipment location & performance will contribute to more productive mining.

Wireless Vehicle Monitoring & Diagnostics module can be installed on mine vehicles, transport vehicles, shuttles, load centers to monitor and upload data in real-time, with far more reliability and accuracy than other formats.

Project Profile

Large capacity haulage trucks transport accumulated wet ore to haulage designated areas. Consistently, sizeable deposits of ore are not cleared when dumped. The result is reduced payload and higher energy costs due to the continuous hauling of tonnes of material that was never discharged.Real Time monitoring of payload information on transportation vehicles can ensure that lost efficiencies and production opportunities are uncovered, which will yield higher throughput.

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